the visible protest

It is a most difficult thing for a group of  people to come together, and agree on economic and social justice. In essence it’s like asking someone to stop being an individual and become a member of an association, or to identify with that. It is a philosophical quest we set out to do when we say this or that is unjust or unfair in society.I agree with Dylan Ratigan when he said days ago, we have to 1st occupy ourselves in order to form a more clear picture of what we believe what is fair and unfair in society. Namely I believe what we have to ask ourselves is what makes ourselves right when we speak of these things. I believe we should all go to our scriptures to answer that question. The books and scripture our fellow human beings use in this en devour will be varied, but non the less it is a question that is important in our quest for truth and justice in our society. Recently it has been reported that the unions came out in support of the occupy movement, this is consistent with their philosophy. It is of my opinion that the only difference between a worker in a non union shop and a worker in a union shop is the non union shop is not organized. For what both aspire to, is the same, which is social and economic justice. What if you can’t make it to occupy whatever city because of your job or home responsibilities, but still feel the same way about what they are protesting? How can you support them in  a visible manner? I believe I have an idea that might help you do that. It will not be difficult at all and it will accomplish the desired effect of being supportive. Why not tie a ribbon around your body like a banner yellow i color and do the same to your car as your driving down the road. In this way your telling the community you live in you are of the same mind and are in agreement with the movement. I would go just a bit further though and put a more specific   point to your support. I say in the wearing a yellow ribbon around yourself and in placing one in your car where it’s visible your are saying two most important things about our current political situation. First by wearing the ribbon your saying you disagree with the supreme court decision years ago that corporations enjoy the same 1st amendment rights as you and I as flesh and blood people do. And second you agree with more than 85% of our population that money has so corrupted our government officials you are in agreement to pass a constitutional amendment to get the money out of politics. Visible support for these two most fundamental questions are the beginning of a much needed political movement normal everyday Americans need to do to get started in fixing our countries problems and woes.  


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