So here we are now, at this time in our history, we see a movement evolving, and occupying everywhere. I just saw a clip from the Rachel Maddow Show showing how we have become like the Hoovervilles of the 1930’s and how the occupy protesters are defending homes by standing in the way of police to evict people who’s homes are being foreclosed on. This is what happened during the depression. This is what Lawrence Goodwyn wrote about in his book “The Populist Movement” The reason why the populist were so successful and why they had the power and platform to make it to the national elections with William J Bryan they “the occupyers” of those days did something tangible. They made a physical difference in someones lives. In the book he talks about a father who was to proud to apply for unemployment the father said ” he wasn’t going to get hand outs that he wasn’t a communist ” The occupyers went to his home defended him and his family against the police in trying to evict him from his home and were successful. Afterwards the proud man went to one of the occupyers meeting and found he agreed with what they were advocating and by the end of the meeting he was telling his story and committed himself to the cause. This was a great testament to the human spirit and what standing for truth and justice is all about. Watch now after seeing this clip or hearing about this story the earlier post on Max Keiser and than make your own decision. Where will you stand when your asked to participate? I went for only 2 days to occupy DC in October and talked to many people over there asking many questions. I was fortunate to speak with one of the main media organizers and posed this idea. As this movement and this fight for truth and social justice plays out, in the end it’s whether or not the police will go along with the orders being asked of them to do. They of course will stand by their creed “to keep the peace and public safety we do as we are told” They of course know full well the injustice of the system and those who perpetrate the ongoing lies and corruption. Sheriffs in the Northwest have come together to fight back and have told federal agents they will go to local jails for interfering with local jurisdiction. We need here from our local policemen, courage like that. We have to ask ourselves why do they do what they do? Defend the indefensible ?  The only reason I can come up with for their actions is because like the rest of humanity they also need to eat and clothes themselves and their families. The reason the rank and file follow orders from their superiors is because they also need that paycheck to pay for their mortgage and their cars and the food on the table. If this is so than, why don’t we, the occupyers give them their needs much like we do this for those being evicted why don’t we go the the officers homes and give them bread to eat? Maybe wash their cars and go with them to the movies on the weekend and buy their popcorn? Not so you can shame them into standing for what’s right but so you can show them man does not live by bread alone. But by the spirit. Do this out of genuine love. You might ask yourself why are the occupyers doing what they do? Do they not also need to eat and sustain themselves? Do they not also act on this fleshly need? are their complaints also we have to have money to we can feed ourselves and have shelter?Yes they do, and might it be true that if the question was put to those people, you are healthy and can grow your own food and are strong and can build for yourself shelter, what more do you want in life? I believe the protesters would say this is true I can and as I live in my make shift shelter and eat the fruits of my labor, the vegetables I grew in my back yard, I look around me and see an injustice being put upon my brothers and sisters and that is that the law I see at work is not of the spirit but is contrary to the spirit, that fights and makes war against the spirit of truth and justice. We who protest do not live in a vacuum but in a world in which we see both laws playing out in our society.  The occupyers” the protesters are saying there is an injustice going on here in America. This is a matter of the spirit. What has happened to our country and around the world is we see these two opposing forces taking place on the one side we see MONEY AND POWER and the other side we see TRUTH AND JUSTICE. Which side are you on? You have to decide for yourself. Make no mistake about it. You are on one side or the other. You are not neutral to this question nor are you ignorant of this question. You might not openly admit it, or maybe you have denied it to your conscience mind but you never the less are aware of this. And have indeed, and do indeed stand on one side or the other already. The consciousness, the awakening, everyone is talking about is due yes because of the information age, the fact that now normal everyday people can access information much like the time of the reformation when the printing press was invented and the common man began to read for himself the truth “so called” We have entered a new age a paradigm shift you can say. The battle lines are clearly drawn. The adversaries have been identified, and the battle has begun like once before on October 30 1517. Who is justified on this issue ? Will money and power rule over the peoples of the earth? Or will truth and justice rule? 


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