Follow the money

We keep hearing this follow the money theme across the web. It suppose to be a way of exposing the crony capitalism going on in our country. I think it’s exactly right. Power in America today is rooted in who has the most money. Who has the most to give to political action groups and who is putting up the money to buy a politician? Both parties are doing this. They are exactly the same in this respect. Maybe one gives more than the other but they both never the less give big money to pass laws that favor multinational corporations over the  mom and pop businessmen in America. It’s all about the money. So because it is about the money, I have started to research where this money comes from and how is it distributed in our country. I must say it’s very confusing not easy to understand but I’m starting to get a picture of the whole thing as I read books like democracy incorporated, beyond the bubble, Aftershock the next economy, greedy bastards, the gods of money, babylons banksters and the countless videos on youtube not to mention my all time favorite idiot acting Max Keiser who has some real good information about the banksters and the global economy. One of the three most basic problems we face here in America is monetary policy this is killing America in a profound way we are the next Greece ! 


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