I just finished reading an article posted by Ralph Nader on the common dreams website in which he talks about the fraud that is the “Grand Bargain” Obama is pushing for with the republicans. Every president wants to leave a legacy for his time as President of America. I believe his legacy will be without question the betrayal of the progressive left in America to such an extent this is true that the new buzz word and or new political climate will be that of the populist party, much like it was in the late 19th century. Monetary policy is key to a prosperous economy and country. Obama as many writers have acknowledged is doing the bidding of his true constituency Wall Street and the bankers. MMT-PP is a way out of this dilemma. But as this president has shown from the very beginning he is no progressive and has no intention of advocating for the working class in America. There is a 3rd option in economic policy, health care, and many other issues facing our nation. How is it possible for the populist to have a voice? I believe what we have to do to begin with, is distinguish ourselves from the progressives. It was not until the president betrayed the progressives that the majority of people understood there was indeed another political affiliation, which is the populist party. In essence the populist party platform is the following;
fiat currency with mmt-pp
overturning the citizens united ruling favoring corporations
campaign finance reform
I am an advocate of these policies, and talk to all the people I know about these things. This is true hope and real change.


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