political affiliations

To be a progressive in today’s political climate is to give in to republican control over practically every facet of our society. I don’t remember who it was exactly that said FDR saved capitalism, that opinion said; if it were not for FDR we would have a socialist society in America, recall there were many different political factions at that time and they were strong with many members, for example the communist party and the socialist party which were making headway during the depression. FDR cut a deal with the Wall Street speculators and bankers at the time and came up with the New Deal which did much good for the 99% and capitalism was saved. Our current situation is entirely different. Similar in many ways, but very different in that we have no other strong opposition from other parties making this bullying very easy for “the moneyed trust”, as it was put in the early 1930’s. Everyone waited with much anticipation when Obama ran 4 years ago whether he was going to be the progressive like FDR or the moderate like Clinton. Well we found out how he was going to be well into his second year in office. He was neither. He turned out to be the front man for the moneyed trust and betrayed the 99% of us over against his real constituency the moneyed trust. It was this realization, the betrayal from our president, that brought me to the study of history right before the depression, and what I learned was something you rarely hear in the media, and that is, “the populist”. I believe many of Obama’s supporters that have been disappointed over the last four years feel the way I do which is very disillusioned with our president. Most of the 99% haven’t read history I would venture to say. But once the progressives read about the populist movement they, I’m sure, will start to change their political affiliation from being progressive to populist and then they like I will start to feel hope again. Except this time it will be real hope, the kind that relies on our own selves and not some great orator that took advantage of his personal opportunities.



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