Arguments against one of my heroes

title=”Arguments against one of my heroes”>Arguments against one of my heroes

I copied and pasted an article from the new economic perspectives website showing the difference between a populist point of view over against a progressive point of view in how to approach the pending Grand Bargain Obama is advocating in the interest of compromise. This, I posted on one of my heroes facebook page Robert Riech. Here’s the post [

Not sure if you got my earlier comment so if I may here it is again; Joe Firestone from the new economic perspective website commented on the 18th of November on your posts about “The Presidents opening bid on a Grand Bargain” Now I’m no economic expert on this matter but I’m reading lots of material about the subject to try and educate myself about our economic woes. I’m a big fan of yours from way back when I considered myself a progressive, and still am a big fan. I believe your a down to earth and reasonable man who truly has the public interest at heart. If it’s permissible to use labels I must admit I have moved from being a progressive in political thought to a populist. Joe Firestone makes a compelling argument against your economic advise here Would you be so kind to respond to this critique, and would you also speak on MMT-PP from the University of Missouri at Kansas City school of thought?]

I’m a big fan of Robert Reich as you can see on the post. What I’m after in this search for economic equality is a reasoned argument for or against a position, I am free to discover better positions and a more consistent stance on these issues, therefore my thoughts and mind evolve as I see a more reasoned argument for or against. This, at root is founded in my philosophy of being or what is called ontology. All this to say “A free man is one who is not afraid to go to the end of his thought” Leon Blum. I hope my hero responds…


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