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fiscal cliff explained in simple terms, and mmt-pp response to the fake crisis

fiscal cliff explained in simple terms, and mmt-pp response to the fake crisis

This is an excellent post from University of Missouri’s professor Randall Wray explaining in a nutshell what the fiscal cliff we’re facing is all about. Good read


Arguments against one of my heroes

title=”Arguments against one of my heroes”>Arguments against one of my heroes

I copied and pasted an article from the new economic perspectives website showing the difference between a populist point of view over against a progressive point of view in how to approach the pending Grand Bargain Obama is advocating in the interest of compromise. This, I posted on one of my heroes facebook page Robert Riech. Here’s the post [

Not sure if you got my earlier comment so if I may here it is again; Joe Firestone from the new economic perspective website commented on the 18th of November on your posts about “The Presidents opening bid on a Grand Bargain” Now I’m no economic expert on this matter but I’m reading lots of material about the subject to try and educate myself about our economic woes. I’m a big fan of yours from way back when I considered myself a progressive, and still am a big fan. I believe your a down to earth and reasonable man who truly has the public interest at heart. If it’s permissible to use labels I must admit I have moved from being a progressive in political thought to a populist. Joe Firestone makes a compelling argument against your economic advise here http://neweconomicperspectives.org/2012/11/trigger-mechanisms-to-avoid-the-fiscal-cliff-youre-kidding-right.html#more-3738 Would you be so kind to respond to this critique, and would you also speak on MMT-PP from the University of Missouri at Kansas City school of thought?]

I’m a big fan of Robert Reich as you can see on the post. What I’m after in this search for economic equality is a reasoned argument for or against a position, I am free to discover better positions and a more consistent stance on these issues, therefore my thoughts and mind evolve as I see a more reasoned argument for or against. This, at root is founded in my philosophy of being or what is called ontology. All this to say “A free man is one who is not afraid to go to the end of his thought” Leon Blum. I hope my hero responds…

two sides of the same coin

two sides of the same coin

I found this video on the web to illustrate a political truth. He didn’t win his bid for congress, but the message is still relevant today as it was back then. That is, that  both parties in power are indeed the same in advancing a neo- liberal policy toward austerity. The general election of course is over but we still have more elections to come in the future, congressional elections in which the independent vote can make a difference in the balance of power in Washington. We must as much as possible convince our fellow countrymen and women to vote for the independent candidate. This, in an effort to begin to have our voices heard once more in our country. Change takes time and movements start slowly according to an expert on this matter Joel Hirschhorn. (see symposium on article V)

political affiliations

To be a progressive in today’s political climate is to give in to republican control over practically every facet of our society. I don’t remember who it was exactly that said FDR saved capitalism, that opinion said; if it were not for FDR we would have a socialist society in America, recall there were many different political factions at that time and they were strong with many members, for example the communist party and the socialist party which were making headway during the depression. FDR cut a deal with the Wall Street speculators and bankers at the time and came up with the New Deal which did much good for the 99% and capitalism was saved. Our current situation is entirely different. Similar in many ways, but very different in that we have no other strong opposition from other parties making this bullying very easy for “the moneyed trust”, as it was put in the early 1930’s. Everyone waited with much anticipation when Obama ran 4 years ago whether he was going to be the progressive like FDR or the moderate like Clinton. Well we found out how he was going to be well into his second year in office. He was neither. He turned out to be the front man for the moneyed trust and betrayed the 99% of us over against his real constituency the moneyed trust. It was this realization, the betrayal from our president, that brought me to the study of history right before the depression, and what I learned was something you rarely hear in the media, and that is, “the populist”. I believe many of Obama’s supporters that have been disappointed over the last four years feel the way I do which is very disillusioned with our president. Most of the 99% haven’t read history I would venture to say. But once the progressives read about the populist movement they, I’m sure, will start to change their political affiliation from being progressive to populist and then they like I will start to feel hope again. Except this time it will be real hope, the kind that relies on our own selves and not some great orator that took advantage of his personal opportunities.



I just finished reading an article posted by Ralph Nader on the common dreams website in which he talks about the fraud that is the “Grand Bargain” Obama is pushing for with the republicans. Every president wants to leave a legacy for his time as President of America. I believe his legacy will be without question the betrayal of the progressive left in America to such an extent this is true that the new buzz word and or new political climate will be that of the populist party, much like it was in the late 19th century. Monetary policy is key to a prosperous economy and country. Obama as many writers have acknowledged is doing the bidding of his true constituency Wall Street and the bankers. MMT-PP is a way out of this dilemma. But as this president has shown from the very beginning he is no progressive and has no intention of advocating for the working class in America. There is a 3rd option in economic policy, health care, and many other issues facing our nation. How is it possible for the populist to have a voice? I believe what we have to do to begin with, is distinguish ourselves from the progressives. It was not until the president betrayed the progressives that the majority of people understood there was indeed another political affiliation, which is the populist party. In essence the populist party platform is the following;
fiat currency with mmt-pp
overturning the citizens united ruling favoring corporations
campaign finance reform
I am an advocate of these policies, and talk to all the people I know about these things. This is true hope and real change.

going on vacation

Well Lisa and I are on our way to Cozumel for vacation. This will be our first cruise ever. I’m a bit nervous about the whole thing actually. It’s the sea creatures I fear. If we hit some kind of warm water iceberg or something weird like that, we might find ourselves in the water with sharks and other big fish that don’t really think about what they eat. I’ll try to blog during the vacation, but it’s doubtful my hope is to get some reading in. I have two books in mind For all the people by John Curl, and I just might have to break down and buy Joe Hirschhorns Delusional Democracy.